Papers (Interleaving, Void Fill, and FDA Approved)

NEUTECH Packaging Systems proudly offers packaging paper from Gordon Paper.

Often overlooked, paper packaging can be a critical component in a complete packaging solution. NEUTECH Packaging Systems understands how important paper wrapping is to product delivery, and we offer a wide range of papers:

  • Kraft Papers
  • Bogus Papers
  • Indented Papers
  • Newsprint and Packing
  • Moving and Storage
  • Food Service and Grocery
  • Specialty Papers
  • Building Papers
  • Waterproof Papers


Kraft Papers

The word kraft means strong in German. Kraft Papers from NEUTECH Packaging Systems are strong, economical, durable papers intended for packaging, wrapping, dunnage, and shipping. Kraft paper may be bleached or unbleached and is run in a variety of basis weights depending upon the application it is made for. The unbleached paper is a rich brown color sometimes referred to as Natural Kraft. This color is a byproduct of the chemical process (sulfate) that helps give Kraft Paper its strength. For white Kraft, mills employ a bleaching process that removes the color from the fibers. This extra step increases the cost of bleached Kraft paper, which is why it sells at a premium to natural. Kraft Papers are USDA/FDA approved for use in food industries.

Bogus Papers

Gray Recycled Bogus Papers from NEUTECH Packaging Systems are made specifically for inner packaging and void fill. They are comprised of 100 percent recycled fibers. Much of the fiber is from old newspapers, and the ink on these papers cause the gray color. Because of the large amount of recycled newspaper these papers have a natural high bulk, absorbency and exceptional softness that make them ideal for interior cushioning. For companies wishing to make a strong “green” statement about environmental stewardship, gray recycled papers offer the combined advantages of source reduction because of their high void fill to weight ratio and 100 percent post-consumer waste recycled content.

Indented Papers

Gordon Paper can indent and sheet virtually any paper in NEUTECH Packaging System's extensive catalog. Applications are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Unlike inferior indenters, we feature a proprietary “box in box” non-nesting pattern that gives greater cushioning and saves end users because they can typically use less material than competing indenting. We can indent a full 60 inches wide with cut off lengths up to 72 inches wide, giving capabilities few in the industry can match. We will also indent your material on a contract basis.

Newsprint and Packing

Newsprint is a clean, white, unprinted, lightweight sheet that is primarily used in packaging applications for wrapping, interior cushioning, and interleaving. Newsprint contains mostly mechanical (groundwood) pulp. Intended primarily for printing daily newspapers, this paper has less strength and permanence than most other papers from NEUTECH Packaging Systems. Because the pulp newsprint is made from does not undergo the same chemical process as either Offset or Kraft papers, newsprint will tend to yellow and deteriorate over extended periods of time.

Newsprint is the paper of choice in both the retail and moving and storage industries for wrapping and packing fragile items. It conforms and protects glass and china better than other paper. It is an economical dunnage material widely used to stuff shipping boxes for catalog retailers and fulfillment houses. Because the sheet is absorbent it is ideal for packing cartons containing bottles of liquids.
Other applications for newsprint include interleaving and food wrapping. It is often used between sheets of glass or laminates to prevent scratching. Likewise, it can be used between sheets of plastic to eliminate them sticking together. It is also used for wrapping sandwiches mostly in the northeastern US.

Moving and Storage

Gordon Paper has a long reputation of supplying quality products in the very competitive Moving and Storage Market through NEUTECH Packaging Systems. We have a broad range of capabilities in pad making that include indenting the interior plies for maximum cushioning power to custom imprinting each pad with a customer logo. We can also provide retail oriented items directed at the do it yourself market such as boxed newsprint and retail packaged movers pads.

Food Service and Grocery

NEUTECH Packaging Systems offers a complete line of food service packaging papers suitable for processors, grocery chains, independent retailers, and delis. All of our grocery and market papers carry UDSA certification and are approved for food contact. Our high quality brands are instantly recognized as industry leaders assuring maximum protection every time for the foods wrapped and guaranteed reliability for customers who utilize them in process applications.

Specialty Papers

Part of the mission of NEUTECH Packaging Systems is to be a resource to the paper merchant community, and provide customized, innovative packaging solutions. As such, we often source papers that have unusual or niche end uses. Sometimes this involves sourcing small quantities of products or proposing new or unusual applications for existing sheets. Occasionally, we will need to approach a paper mill, laminator, or other converter to develop an application that has never been used before. Regardless of what it takes, bring us your most vexing process and packaging challenges.

Building Papers

NEUTECH Packaging Systems features several papers that are used prominently in the construction and building maintenance industry. We offer papers for sheathing, surface protection, and barriers for the infiltration of air or penetration of water.

Red Rosin is used in many applications in the construction trades. This paper has a sizing additive that retards the penetration of moisture and is made to a high bulk (thickness) specification. This makes it ideal for its primary end use in flooring applications. Red Rosin is placed between sub-flooring and hardwood floors. Its bulk prevents squeaks the sizing additive gives it the properties of an air and moisture intrusion barrier. Contractors often use Red Rosin to protect hardwood or other hard surface floors after installation while other construction is underway. The paper is also used to underlay specialty roofing products. Red Rosin is sold in 36 inch wide rolls containing 432 or 500 square feet.

Trade Kraft (sometimes referred to as Brown Rosin) is also used in a similar fashion to Red Rosin. Trade Kraft is a heavier basis weight sheet, but does not contain the strong sizing agent that Red Rosin does. The fiber used to make Trade Kraft is stronger than the fiber in Red Rosin. Hence, Trade Kraft is an excellent sheet for protecting finished floors from high traffic environments while other work is underway. Trade Kraft Rosin is sold in 36 inch wide rolls containing 432 or 500 square feet.

Waterproof Papers

NEUTECH Packaging Systems carries a complete line of waterproof and moisture barrier papers for many packaging needs. Most of our papers are available in quantities as small as one roll, allowing us the unique ability to service virtually any size end-use customer. With various combinations of asphalt, polyethylene, and polypropylene we can offer a myriad of options to protect almost anything. If our stock waterproof papers are not quite what the customer needs, we can resource almost any construction you can imagine. We can also custom sheet any of our waterproof papers.


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